A Successful Chinese New Year Celebration Party

A Successful Chinese New Year Celebration Party

We have had a great Chinese New Year Celebration Party 2014 last night. Amazing performances, over-expected number of attendees and delicious Chinese food made the event a huge success. It was the biggest and most successful Chinese New Year Celebration party that GMCCA has hosted so far. I hope all you who were at the party had a wonderful evening with us.

Due to the over-expected number of children who are under 6 years old and free admission to the party, we regret that some public who had pre-sale tickets and arrived later could not find enough seats and had to return their tickets.  We are so sorry for the inconveniences caused by this unexpected situation and will try to avoid the same or similar situations happen again in future.

Thank you, all performers, MCs and volunteers, for your wonderful performances and hard works. Without your involvements, contributions and excellent performances, it would be impossible for us to host such a high quality and successful event.

Thank you, all sponsors, for your financial supports and donations of gifts for the lucky draw prizes. Your sponsorships are very important to the success of our event as well. We look forward to your continuous supports to our events in future.

Thank you, all attendees, for coming to celebrate the Chinese New Year with us. We look forward to see you again at our Chinese New Year Celebration Party next year.

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