2010 IAAF World Junior Track & Field Championship

Chinese communities invited to present Chinese culture in Moncton 2010 ceremonies

The 13th IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championship was held  in Moncton on July 19 - 25, 2010. Athletes from 170 countries and regions attended the championship which was the biggest and most important world-class sport event held in the history of Atlantic Canada.  

As an important part of the multicultural element in the Moncton 2010 ceremonies, Chinese communities of Moncton and Fredericton were invited to present Chinese cultural performances in both opening and closing ceremonies of the championship. The Chinese communities demonstrated the Chinese Tai Chi in the opening ceremony and performed Chinese dragon and lion dance together with beautiful Chinese ribbon dance in the closing ceremony. Our dragon and ribbon dance was known as a gold medal performance in the closing ceremony by TV media.

More pictures of the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony ...