Announcement Of Election 2012

GMCCA Elected President and Vice President for its 6th Council

The 2012 annual general meeting and election of the president and vice president(s) for the 6th Council of GMCCA was held at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Moncton on Saturday, December 1, 2012. Mr. Mingkun Gu was re-elected the president and Mr. Xuesong Guo elected the vice president. They have resumed their new duties on December 2, 2012 for a term of two years.


        大蒙克顿地区中华文化协会于2012年12月1日星期六下午在蒙克顿市圣安德鲁教堂举行了2012年会员大会暨协会主席副主席换届选举大会。古明坤先生获选连任为大蒙克顿地区中华文化协会第六届理事会主席、郭雪松先生当选为副主席。新一届理事会主席副主席任期从2012年12月2日开始, 任期二年。